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Stablecoin Yields Explainer

Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Stablecoins, Stablecoin Yields, AMM DEX Liquidity Provision, DeFi Lending, Centralized Lenders, Centralized Exchanges: Source: ValkyrieInvestments, Inc., Tether Operations

The examples shown in the Stablecoins and four main venue types of the Stablecoin Yields sections are a non-exhaustive listing intended for illustrative purposes only.

Stablecoins DeFi Composite Rate Index: Source: Skew - Annual composite rates based on most popular protocols. The composite rate index represents lending and borrowinglevels across major stablecoins.

Monthly DEX Volume (USD): Valkyrie Investments, Inc., DuneAnalytics - Defined as total reported volume for the specified DEX in the specified time period. "Other" categoryincludes the following DEXs: airswap, Bancor Network, clipper, DDEX, DefiPlaza, DFX Finance, DODO, dYdX, Gnosis Protocol, IDEX, Indexed Finance, Kyber, LINKSWAP, Loopring,mStable, Oasis, PowerIndex, Shell, xSigma

Stablecoin Circulating Supply: Source: Valkyrie Investments, Inc., CoinMetrics

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