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Blockchain's Impact

Follow along as Valkyrie's Head of Portfolio Management, Bill Cannon, highlights a notable "byte" from the markets each week.

New and seasoned investors alike should take the time to understand blockchain technology and how it will create solutions across many industries.

Bill's Byte:

During this moment of correction in crypto markets, it’s a good time to review the real value of the blockchain and Bitcoin. New and seasoned investors alike should take the time and understand how the technology comes together and ultimately may create solutions across many industries. An article written by Eray Eliacik goes into detail about the best current uses of the Blockchain this year. “The technology’s capacity to generate more transparency and fairness, while also saving businesses time and money, affects various industries, from how contracts are fulfilled to making government operations more efficient.” The blockchain goes beyond finance-related products, while crypto means more than Bitcoin, NFTs, and stablecoins. Read about the diverse forms of utility the blockchain offers, in addition to a discussion on the types of blockchains developed, and finally, available books to learn more.