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Medical Records and Blockchain

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Patient medical records have long posed an issue of accessibility and security. Blockchain technology offers a solution.

Bill's Byte:

Common occurrences like out-of-network treatment and data mismanagement often plague the current healthcare system, frustrating patients and providers simply looking for related medical history. Blockchain technology allows patients to control their information, where it goes and who receives it. Ideas like a digital healthcare passport built on the blockchain would be invaluable for patients and medical providers, not only from an accessibility standpoint, but knowing records would remain secure and private. "Transferring electronic health records from siloed, centralized software to interoperable, patient-owned, immutable records could solve a lot of problems. Anyone wishing to change or use your healthcare data without your permission faces an impossible task because of your medical data’s distributed nature." Solutions like this, offered by the blockchain, not only help countries with established health care systems, but more importantly, offer citizens in less developed countries the opportunity to receive effective treatment due to accessible personal information. Please read on for exciting developments below.