Bitcoin Bottom Line - Valkyrie Investments
January 5, 2022

17 What is a Miner?

Host C.J. Wilson goes solo for a short informational episode answering the question, “What is a Miner?” Wilson explains that a “miner” is an “asic”, and […]
January 5, 2022

16 With Tron’s Justin Sun

Host and Valkyrie CIO Steven McClurg and Founder of Tron, Justin Sun, meet over zoom for an episode discussing all things Blockchain. The two discuss meeting […]
January 4, 2022

15 With Black Bitcoin Billionaire’s Lamar Wilson

Lamar Wilson, freedom maximalist, OG Bitcoiner, and founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaires (the largest Bitcoin based club on Clubhouse) joins C.J. Wilson on this week’s episode […]
December 8, 2021

14 With Litecoin’s Charlie Lee

Legend Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, joins hosts Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson on the podcast this week to talk about Bitcoin and Litecoin. Lee shares […]
December 1, 2021

13 The Birthday Episode

(This episode was recorded November 2, 2021) Hosts C.J. Wilson and Steven McClurg kick off this episode with a fun new intro and some birthday wishes. […]
November 17, 2021

11 ETFs and More

In this informational episode, “Bitcoin Bottom Line” host and Valkyrie CIO Steven McClurg invited Nasdaq’s head of exchange-traded products, Giang Bui, to discuss exchange-traded funds (ETFs) […]
November 12, 2021

12 Ambassadors For Bitcoin

This week on Bitcoin Bottom Line, co-hosts “Bitcoin Ambassador” C.J. Wilson and “Chart Master” Steven McClurg discuss the exciting, active times in the Bitcoin space. Don’t […]
October 13, 2021

10 Bitcoin FOMO

The tenth episode of “Bitcoin Bottom Line” consisted of a fireside chat between host C.J. WIlson and Bitcoiner and podcaster Dennis Porter. The episode kicked off […]
September 29, 2021

09 Bitcoin & Religion

Author, Clubhouse host and Twitter influencer Jimmy Song joined hosts Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson in episode nine of “Bitcoin Bottom Line” to discuss religion and […]
September 22, 2021

08 Impact Investing

In episode eight of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” hosts Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson invited former National Football League player for the Tennessee Titans and philanthropist Derrick […]