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Bitcoin: An Asset Mature

Beyond its core value propositions—scarcity, decentralization, security, among others—this report makes the case for four domains that support further Bitcoin adoption in the U.S.

  1. On-chain transparency: Bitcoin is a transparent, open-source, cryptographically verifiable asset which, via the use of on-chain analysis, guarantees resistance against nefarious economic actors in the network.
  2. Efficient price discovery: Bitcoin’s price has always followed its inherent economic forces of supply and demand, as opposed to what is loosely deemed as “market manipulation.” Furthermore, these fundamental forces are analyzable via on-chain data.
  3. Need for innovative financial instruments: A Bitcoin ETF is crucial to incentivizing U.S. market share of its total circulating supply, keeping America, as well as its citizens and investors, the leading world actor in the future of Bitcoin.
  4. Bitcoin has matured: Bitcoin has developed enough market efficiency, historical resistance, and regulatory robustness to allow for further growth and adoption of Bitcoin via these new financial instruments.