Solana Cryptocurrency Fact Sheet - Valkyrie


Network Name: Solana
Currency Name: Sol
Ticker: SOL
Mining: Proof of History and Proof of Stake
Founders: Anatoly Yakavenko
Launch Date: April 10, 2020


  • Solana is an open source project implementing a high-performance, high-speed, permissionless blockchain.
  • Solana uses a combination of Proof of History and Proof of Stake which enables the blockchain to work fast while maintaining security and decentralization.
    • The Solana network is capable of a throughput of 710,000 transactions per second. Ethereum’s throughput is around 16.5 TPS.
    • Solana blocktime (time it takes to create a new block) is 400 milliseconds, Eth is 10 seconds, BTC is around 10 minutes.


“Solana’s mission is to support all high-growth and high-frequency blockchain applications and to democratize the world’s financial systems.”

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